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Congratulations on the purchase of these convenient new LiceBags ®.

To effectively prevent the transfer of head lice, it is very important that children are properly informed on how to use this product before they start using it. 

In the event of a head lice epidemic, every child should make sure to carefully isolate his or her coat from other coats when using coat hooks in public areas, such as schools, swimming pools, gyms, etc. It is extremely important that all direct contact with other coats is avoided. 

Unlike other products (for example, lice capes), the entire coat is concealed in the lice bags ®. This optimally protects the coat, as it is fully isolated from the others (which may be contaminated with lice or nits). 

Considering the fact that nits and lice are primarily transferred by direct contact, it is crucially important that the lice bag is not opened while it is hanging on the coat hook. To be more specific, the top of the bag opens up to some 50 cm wide, which means that lice and nits could easily end up on the inside of the bag. Also, an opened upper part of the bag could come in direct contact with the potentially ‘contaminated’ coats next to it. 

Therefore, in order to prevent contamination it is essential to remove the sealed lice bag from the coat hook first, and then open it to either remove or store the coat.  

Also, in order to prevent damage to the lice bag, it is very important that it is always kept sealed when hanging on the coat hook. An opened lice bag looks very much like a kangaroo’s pouch, and children are inclined to stick their arms in the pouch when putting the coat in or taking it out, and hang on it with their full weight. In addition to the risk of contamination, this also poses the threat of damage to the lice bag. The stitching could tear, or the loops could even rip away completely. Although the LiceBags ® can easily accommodate the weight of the heaviest coat, they cannot handle the weight of a child hanging onto them.  

If a lice bag needs cleaning, it can be laundered according to the instructions on the label. Keeping in mind that nits and lice can survive temperatures up to 30°C, it is recommended to avoid using the freshly washed lice bag for a period of at least 7 days, or to store it in the freezer for a period of 24 hours. That way, there will be no chance whatsoever of contamination. 

    The three most important rules of use that must be observed: 

    1. Always close the lice bag. Even when it is not being used to store a coat. Keep it sealed at all times! 

    2. Make sure that the lice bag is never opened when it is still hanging on the coat hook. 

    3. Prior to storing or removing a coat, always remove the lice bag from the coat hook first.


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