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Head lice? Prefent propagation!
Protect children's jackets on the classroom coat hooks.
Washable and well ventilated (for damp jackets). Extra roomy (50 x 65 cm), suitable for bigger kid's coats too.

"What is the purpose of the lice bags?"
"How much do the lice bags cost?"
"What is the smallest quantity of lice bags I can order?"
"Where can I purchase the lice bags?"
"How quickly can I receive my order of lice bags?"
"Can I wash the lice wash?"
"Can I get a logo printed on the lice bags?"
"Can I order a sample of the lice bags?"
"How long do the lice bags last?"
"What are the lice bags made of?"
"Which colors do the lice bags come in?"
"How do I find my lice bag on the coat hooks?"



[Question]: "What is the purpose of the lice bags?"
The LiceBag
®  is designed to prevent head lice contamination. In order to protect an entire school of children without lice from the one child who has lice, and subsequently prevent an outbreak of a lice epidemic. The lice bag therefore has a preventative effect. In addition, when a child who has lice also uses the bag, sure enough this will help prevent the lice from being able to spread any further, which is an additional bonus.

[Question]:"How much do the lice bags cost?"
The price of the lice bags is incredibly low. Plus, the more you order, the cheaper they are. In other words, it is more cost-effective to think in more long-run terms rather than place several smaller orders.  By placing a larger order, you will also save on shipping. For the complete list of graduated prices, please click here to download the price list.


[Question]:"What is the smallest quantity of lice bags I can order?"
The lice bags are packed in units of 50 bags per colour, which means you can order them in batches of 50 (unprinted and in a single colour). If you wish to order both colours, your minimum order comes to a total of 100 bags. If you wish to have the lice bags printed with your school logo, for example, or a different
print (textile / silk-screen print), this option is available for orders of 250 bags or more. In that case, you can combine blue and green.


[Question]:"Where can I purchase the lice bags?" is a wholesaler and primarily sells to businesses and institutions such as schools, crèches and retailers. As a private customer, you can buy the lice bags at pharmacies, chemist’s shops,, and You can also order the lice bags directly online from this website.


[Question]: "How quickly can I receive my order of lice bags?"
We aim to be able to deliver the lice bags from stock all year round. As soon as your payment is received, the lice bags will be shipped directly to you. If you indicate that you prefer to pay COD (cash on delivery), your order will be shipped immediately after it is received and you will receive the lice bags the next day.  For printed lice bags, delivery takes approximately two weeks.


[Question]: "Can I wash the lice bags?"
Yes, you can wash the lice bags on the 30˚ cycle. However, we recommend washing the lice bags only if they are in fact soiled—not in order to kill lice and/or nits.


[Question]:"Can I get a logo printed on the lice bags?"
The standard lice bags feature the Luizenzakken® trademark and a white label. The name of the user is written on the white label with a marker pen.  For orders of 250 bags or more, we will print the logo of your school, for example, or institution for a marginal fee.


[Question]:"Can I get a sample?"
To determine whether the lice bags meet your demands, we offer you the option of ordering a maximum of two
sample lice bags using the special request form. In addition to the cost of the lice bags, you will also be charged € 6.55 to cover shipping and administration costs. If you are satisfied with the samples and choose to place an order of at least 250 bags, we will subtract these charges from your order.


[Question]:"How long do the lice bags last?"
Just like any other sewn textile product, stress can cause the stitching to tear, a loop can tear off, and a cord may go missing. Depending on how much caution the user exercises; one bag might show signs of wear and tear within two weeks, while the other remains perfectly intact for months on end. A lice bag can last an entire school year provided users closely follow our
user instructions. However, experience has shown us that it is not easy in practice for young children to follow these instructions for proper use consistently, and it is also difficult to ensure proper parental supervision.

Therefore, you need to be aware that a split seam or torn loop is easy to repair; or, if you do not wish to make repairs, that a new bag will need to be issued from time to time. Luckily, the lice bags are a real bargain, and we can imagine that parents would prefer not to take up a needle and thread for 99 cents.

As far as durability is concerned, you should look at this as a reasonable price/quality ratio. In any case, when purchasing the bags you should be sure to order a sufficient number of extras; that way, you will have bags on hand in the event of damage.


[Question]:"What are the lice bags made of?"
The lice bags are made of
polypropylene (PP) material, which is durable, strong, washable and well ventilated for (damp) coats.  Polypropylene is impenetrable to lice. It is bacteria-resistant and therefore is also commonly used in medical applications. This material can be recycled easily.


[Question:] "What colours do the lice bags come in?"
The lice bags are available in green and bright blue.


[Question]: "How do I find my lice bag on the coat hooks?"
The lice bags feature a large, easy to see white label on the front for writing a name (or other means of identification) with a marker pen or indelible ink. That way, even the youngest children will be able to recognise their lice bag



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