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The new LiceSafe

The lice bags feature an easy to see white label on the front for writing user ID with a marker pen, so that even the youngest kids will recognize their their own lice bag.
They come in lime green, bright blue and pink.
Printing your logo
The standard lice bags (left) can be ordered with a minimum of 50 pieces. It features our trademark and a white label. For orders of 250 pieces or more, we can add your own logo by screen printing, for a marginal fee.
Got head lice?
Once head lice have been discovered at school or the Crèche, it is actually too late and getting rid of the unpleasant parasites is a huge task.
Prevent propagation.
Therefore, prevention must always have priority. The communal coat hooks play a major role. With coats hanging so closely to one another, a lice epidemic can strike easily.
The LiceBags©
The new lice bags offer you an effective, easy, safe and inexpensive means with which to put an end ones and for all to the transfer of lice on the coat hooks.
This new lice bag has a double loop for hanging and is also very easy to seal (two pull cords in the top seam), so that little ones can put them on and take them off without help from parents.

A real bargain!

An important consideration, of course: the price of the new lice bags is unbelievably low. The product is by far the least expensive of its kind.
Made from polypropylene material (PP), this lice bag is durable, washable and well ventilated for (damp) jackets. PP is impenetrable to lice. It is bacteria-resistant and therefore is also commonly used in medical applications. This material can be recycled easily.
Recommended by health authorities.
The regional health authorities in a number of municipalities have included the new LiceBags® in their assortment of products recommended during presentations at schools. Its already in use at hundreds of primary schools and crèches.
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Head lice? Prevent propagation!
Washable and well ventilated (for damp jackets). Extra roomy (50x65cm), suitable for bigger kid's coats too.
Protect children's jackets on the classroom coat hooks.